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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
! You really think that old fart owns an iPad? He PMed me one time asking to respond by email. His address was !
typical response, from the juvenile kiddies..

about 80% 0f my posts are from my iPad, 10 from my iPhone and the rest from my iMac .. an apple kind of guy..

as far as my email trust me folks this moron would have never got a PM from me.. I have several email accounts, none of which have anything to do with compuserve..

I see that dream has been sniping again, typical of a weasel.. Why was I fired as a MOD on another forum, because I disagreed with the direction that forum was going..

ask dream how many times I banned his sniveling ass.. for that matter how many times he has been banned here.. where I am not a mod.. I would think folks would get it by now..

That will say all there is to say about why he snipes at me.. trying to get back at me for doing my job as a mod..
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