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Originally Posted by Nwp-Apap View Post
The opposite, actually. Started out at 205 in 2009, lost 5 lbs in 2010 doing crossfit for quickness to 200, went up to 210 when Fox was hired because Fox preferred thicker backs, and put on 8 more lbs since he tore his ACL and throughout this offseason, focusing on keeping the acquired speed from prior cuts and increasing strength and power. With the way he ran up the middle and through clutter yesterday, I'd say it works for him fairly well.
Moreno himself said he played at 208-212 during his first two Broncos seasons. he slimmed down to 200 in 2011 and Fox's first season was in 2011 and he was 200 lbs as of July 2011. when did he suddenly gain 18 lbs?
every media outlet and even his own website lists him as 200 lbs.

if he did and i missed it my bad. but i don't remember reading anything about him gaining weight to play at a career high.

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