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Ben Garland

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
This has got to be the most rag-tag roster ever.

1. Frankenstein QB
2. Cast-off former 1st round scout team sauced RB
3. Youngest player in the NFL RB
4. Hillis-lite white RB
5. WR with an achilles, now superstar
6. Married to country star, LisFranc WR
7. 36 year-old, out of football white WR
8. Broken ankle, cast-off, late-signing Center
9. Peg-leg guard
10. Deebo RT
11. Monstrous, basketball ACL LT
12. Beadles (nice name)

13. Old man Brooking
14. Suspended for goat urine LB
15. UDFA All-Pro LB
16. Eatin' greedy fashion-maestro freak LB tweener
17. Danny Trev (5th round draft-pick)
18. The Dream
20. Seizure CB
21. Two UDFA shutdown CB's
22. Wolfeman
23. 5'10" gun-toting sack champion
24. NT who gained 50 lbs. in the offseason
25. Retread, ancient backup NT on his 2nd stint in Denver
26. Eaton, CO Native DT
27. Delaware Blue Hen journeyman SS
28. former 1st round DE back-up on a mission

Special Teams:
29. waiver wire flip
30. punt blocking mofo
31. cannon-leg misfire kicker with a tribal tat
32. long hair long snapper
33. NFL punting family member
pretty damn funny!
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