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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by BowlenBall View Post
I've got him somewhere in the middle... Plummer had a few good times, a few bad times....

1. Elway
2. Tebow
3. Kubiak
4. Briscoe
5. Manning (rising up the list fast)
6. Plummer
7. Morton
8. Tripucka
9. Moore
10. Maddox
11. Griese
12. Cutler
13. Orton
No way Morton is 7 on that list! You have a backup as your 3rd best QB?

1) Elway
2) Morton
3) Manning (with a bullet)
Pick one:
4) Cutler
4) SOB (mostly for the one good year he had)
4) Plummer (could be higher if he didn't quit like a loser)
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