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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
The Chiefs could have beat us yesterday if they started Cassel. It would have been perfect because it would have hurt the Broncos' seeding, given Chief fans bragging rights and not hurt their draft position at all. Instead they pooped the bed.
I think they would have had a better chance with Cassel but I also think Cassel would have turned it over a couple times and we still would have won it. The Prater misses hurt, it would have been a 2 TD lead and felt more like the domination it was on the field.

I remember when Quinn was 8/11 and thinking he was due to go on an o-fer streak. Thank god he did, he finished 13-25.

kFc doesn't have a QB on staff that could beat us. The only way they win our next matchup is if we sit the starters.
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