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Originally Posted by frerottenextelway View Post
They gave up the Lincoln Monument & sh_t to get RGIII, but that dude has HOF written all over him. As for Shanahan, they're in running to win arguably the toughest div in football with a rookie QB. Good for him. Hope we meet them in the Superbowl!
Dunno if RG3 is gonna be able to keep up looking as good as he does right now. D's are biting hard on the playaction and leaving him the open looks downfield (which he's converting). He has the playaction game down, real Pro playaction fakes, nice accurate throws hitting receivers in stride at all levels off of the playaction. He's a good one - accurate guy with a strong arm and legs also.

Missing their #1's for the next two years has to hurt though. They also got nailed with the Free Agent hit for next year, $18 million penalty they can't spend.
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