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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
even though he was in the Heisman race 2nd IIRC that year, he said he really had never given any thought of playing in the NFL..

He also said that getting paid for doing something he'd normally do for free was funny to him..

he drove boxy old honda, wore jeans and t shirt dated the cheerleader and was a millionaire.. how many on this forum would have loved to have that life..

every time they needed money for ca space he agreed to a new contract always getting the up front money and stashing it in the bank opposed to getting bling..

so when it was time to walk away he could a rich man..

the ultimate gamer..
and that's how a NFL player who makes a ton of money during his playing career should go out.
still loaded and set for life. if you can retire at 33 to play handball or golf then you did what you were supposed to do with your money.
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