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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
Because the Bootleg is largely a constraint play. It will burn teams that are cheating off the line or playing undisciplined. A team that is playing disciplined assignment based football will eat it alive. The Plummer-led Broncos were able to use it so effectively because our bread and butter was actually zone runs where the back could cut back between the tackles. We would use the bootleg when teams started cheating off the edges to try to seal the backside.
yes but most defenses in the NFL are undisciplined. they barely tackle properly, take bad angles, go for kill shots instead of wrapping up and most don't set the edge.

you can use the bootleg as a mobile pocket to take pressure off the QB and allow him some more time to deliver the pass or tuck it and run to pick up some cheap yards.

i'm not saying run it every play but in the red zone near the goal line when the DL is packed to stop the up the gut run you can break it out to take the defense by surprise.

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