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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
If Barrel Man would have scored as high on my doucheometer as Fireman Analzone did, then yes, I would have treated him the same way.

I always found Barrel Man to be a likable enough fellow.

The Fireman Ed incident took place many years ago in January of 1999....I was plastered all day and took umbrage at watching him try ply his schtick in Mile High Stadium and by chance we happened to be leaving at the same time.

I've mellowed out a lot since those days.
Soooooo, you'd rather stair at a half man's man for 3-3.5 then to hear maybe once every 5-6 minutes "J.E.T.S jets meta jets". I know people that can time out the low battery alert on their smoke detectors. But you can stand "J.E.T.S. jets jets jets jets". Maybe, just maybe you like watching that stuff (not that there's any wrong with that). I find the half man's guy more intrusive.
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