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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Jake stopped caring about football. That's what got him benched. He was a glorious game day QB. He was a terrible Wednesday-Friday QB.
Except the last year Kubes was here spent most of the off season studying film with him and he numbers were never better that year.

Frankly after Kubes his buffer from mikey left, dinger came to town and redid the offensive scheme to rpfeature drop back passing and then the coup de gra of drafting the pro typical drop back passer. He saw the writing on the wall.

Had the OL been designed for pass protect instead of ZBS and roll out passing, then perhaps that would have been a good move. But he was forced to play a style of ball he was never comfortable with and the OL stunk at it.

Some will note that the next year jay was running for his life also and then it seemed to be okay, yet they forced it on Jake.

Given those circumstances what would you have done? More money than he needed for his life style, a stunning girlfriend now wife and a passion for handball.

Instead of getting beat up each week or "sleeping" late with his sweetie pie, seems like an easy choice for any reasonable intelligent person to make.
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