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Default Jake the Snake is back in Colorado

Found this on Reddit today:

"His mind drifted back to Colorado, where his wife had family. Their return was clinched when he spotted a house for sale within 10 minutes of the most pristine outdoor handball courts in the state. A few weeks after the move, Plummer attended the Broncos’ season opener against the Steelers by himself, with a ticket given to him by the Broncos’ owner, Pat Bowlen. When parachutists descended into the stadium for a pregame celebration, Plummer saw that the crowd was distracted. He left the owner’s box, walked down to the mezzanine and stood inside a walkway at the 45-yard line.

Plummer said fans did double-takes when they saw him. But as the game continued, he reminisced with longtime security guards, talked with a young fan whose parents had told him not to bother Plummer, high-fived a mascot and was treated to a few beers by fans who said they remembered him fondly.

Plummer later slipped down to the sideline to watch Manning and Roethlisberger, who had each ruined his postseason hopes. But Plummer did not dwell on that. He cheered on the Broncos’ defense, the way he used to as a player, when he wanted to get back out onto the field as quickly as possible.

After the Broncos won, 31-19, Plummer sat on a patch of grass outside and watched jubilant fans exit the stadium.

“I used to play a big part of that,” Plummer said. “Sending people out of the stadium ecstatic and full of energy.”

The article mentions (very) briefly that he might want to look at getting into television. I don't know how he'd do as an analyst, but I'd be interested to see. Couldn't be any worse than Trent Dilfer.

Anywho, I know there are many here that don't like him, but welcome back Jake!
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