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I love how Tebow's haters always think a bunch of Tebow fans are filling the stadium, chanting things and now harrassing Fireman Ed.

Sanchez is the Jets' Orton. He's making a lot of fans furious and they're being vocal about it. The notion that Tebow is the reason for the hair-pulling is just as ludicrous as the notion that Orton was a viable starter for this team.

This team's success this year should put to bed any notion that Orton was not a huge weak link -- his lack of all around athleticism, clutchness, and leadership. The team wasted pretty much 2 seasons with him, and it was infuriating. I'm not saying that Peyton wouldn't be an upgrade over anybody, but all the losers who kept being satisfied with Orton were indeed infuriating. And if there had been a "Fireman Ed" wearing an Orton Jersey during the Raiders debacle, he might have caught some flak for it too.

The same thing is happening in the New York. It makes people crazy -- it's not a "Tebow circus." It's a "we hate losing with a guy who is not the future" circus.
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