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I'm sure that Fireman Ed grated on all the fans around him and they grew tired and weary of his schtick years ago and losing has compounded this.

Generally, 'super fans' like Fireman Analzone feel a sense of entitlement, like the team somehow means more or belongs more to them than everyone else.

I'm sure a good portion of Jets fans are overjoyed that he finally put his self-aggrandizing act to bed....hopefully for good. Put it to bed....the novelty wore off years ago and you've carried it on all these years because you get your rocks off getting attention and being on tv. Now your act looks even more ridiculous when the Jets are getting fisted 49-19, so now you've had enough because the fans blow you **** and you look silly doing it when getting pounded by 30 points.

I'd venture a guess and bet that Fireman Ed would love nothing more than to see the media and fans get on their collective knees in a groundswell of support and beg him to put his silly hat back on and morph back into his super fan costume and 'inspire' the team and fans once again.
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