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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
I guess you dont remember that we were losing at halftime. Took an adjustment of McCaffrey and Smith to stay put instead of switching sides to make the deep slant route for the TD. Much scarier than the score represents. I was there and there were a decent amount of Jets fans in the stadium.
Of course I remember being behind at halftime. The team came together in the second half and won "for John" as it was tacitly acknowledged that it was most likely his last home game. I wasn't in the stadium, but definitely recall the cameras panning to "Fireman Ed" in the stands (way too often to suit me, btw... ). It was a very gratifying win.

As a side note to the Fins game... in the days leading up to the game, wasn't sports media chattering that since Elway had his SB ring, maybe that year was Marino's turn? Seems to me ol' Dan was a "sentimental favorite" going into that game... and Miami wasn't such a huge underdog because we'd lost to the Fins in their house in December.
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