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Peyton Manning

This story reminds me of the time I went to the AFC Championship game in 2006 when we were hosting the Steelers in Denver. There was a kid about 20 years old two rows ahead of me, and he was decked out in Plummer gear, including this awesome beard he had strapped around his face. Plummer was doing so awful that game that the kid started to get heckled in the stands a bit. By the third quarter, he had ripped off the beard, tossed his Plummer jersey under the seat, and was the loudest Plummer heckler in the section - it was like he was over-compensating.

Maybe that's what ole' Analzone should have done. Mark Sanchez is terrible. There's not many teams that he would start on. Maybe a franchise like the Chiefs who would find a rebound project like that cheap and promising. But for the most part, the guy is a known quantity: inconsistent, unable to manage the game, wilts under pressure.

I dont' know that Tebow would be any better, but I have a hard time believing that he could be any worse.
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