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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
We fell of the reasoning bus early didn't we? Your saying that a guy that was here during the playoffs to cheer his Jets is scaried of a couple of Pats fans sitting in his section. Hmmmmm, maybe, just maybe he was reacting to Tebow fans Jets jersey? Hmmmmm, maybe , just maybe.

If this is how you argue I can see why you lose alot of arguments.

I did not say a thing about Pats fans. Fireman Ed quit because of the flak he was getting from JETS fans. He is wearing a Sanchez jersey. He lives in or near NYC. He is surprised Jets fans are going to be pricks to him because he is wearing a bad QB's jersey? That the Jets organization is a complete joke, and that same Sanchez has led the Jets to a 4-7 record and his last game was a 30 point blowout to a division rival on national TV.

And you, like a chucklehead, decide it MUST be because of Tebow fans. Even though the article makes no mention of Tebow fans, and in fact only names Tebow as Sanchez' backup. Then furthering your chuckleheadedness, you decide to "call out" the nonexistent Tebow fans that are apparently haunting this board to this very day.

So admit you created this thread for no reason other than to show your ass and be a bit of a moron in calling out Tebow fans when Tebow is not a Bronco anymore, and any fan of him and him alone is gone.

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