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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
Try to follow this Reasoning Bus. If you clicked the link it would have showed "Fireman Ed" in a #42 jersey. Does that me he was a #42 fan. No It meant that he was a fan of #42 who happens to be a Jet. Plus, the reason he "retired" this year was because He was being heckled by Tebow fans and he didn't want to get into a fight.

My contention is that Tebow fans are a-holes.

A conclusion not supported by the premises provided. And btw, the article that YOU posted stated "Fireman Ed" wearing a SANCHEZ jersey...

...Anzalone cited the coarsening of conditions at Jets games due to fans' anger at the team's struggles this season and the quarterback controversy between starter Mark Sanchez and backup Tim Tebow. Anzalone wears a Sanchez jersey to games and said he left Thursday's blowout loss to the New England Patriots at halftime due to heckling...

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