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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by sirhcyennek81 View Post
Follow this logic train. "Fireman Ed" wears a SANCHEZ jersey at a game where SANCHEZ played like hot garbage. SANCHEZ ran face first into his offensive lineman's ass and loses a football. He cpilots the Jets to a 30 point loss to a division rival on national TV. The latest example of the **** inferno that is the Jets starter at QB. Fireman Ed then complains Jets fans are uncivil and heckling him (GASP! NEW YORKERS ARE a-holeS? OHMAIGAWD NOWAI!) because he chooses to wear the jersey of a suck balls player.

The immediate conclusion you jump to is that Tebow superfans made Fireman Ed quit.


Try to follow this Reasoning Bus. If you clicked the link it would have showed "Fireman Ed" in a #42 jersey. Does that me he was a #42 fan. No It meant that he was a fan of #42 who happens to be a Jet. Plus, the reason he "retired" this year was because He was being heckled by Tebow fans and he didn't want to get into a fight.

My contention is that Tebow fans are a-holes.
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