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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
It's my understanding he liked to talk some stuff on that there Twitter and maybe got more than he bargained for with some of the fans at the games as a result of it. It's not like he's some innocent bystander. Dude is an attention whore. I know the first thing that I want to do when I'm trying to keep a low-profile is to announce the "retirement" of my alter ego and pen an op-ed in the metro and call out fellow fans in a major online publication.
How so? You mean the fireman hat. Hmmmmmm we had the "Barrel man", was he an attention whore. How about that guy with the #18 Jersry. Or there's that guys who wears that Broncos hat at work for the 74 week in a row with out washing it. He's an attention whore. Maybe Taco John is an attention whore for having an entire site just for Broncos news and dicussion. He must be the biggest "Attendtion whore" there is.
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