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This is an interesting topic. I guess every relationship is different. My father is 87. If he had abruptly passed away back when I was a child, it would have been extremely tough to get through, because I would have been younger and because it would not have been his time. If it happened now, it would be very tough, but I'd be able to manage because I know the end is going to come. Really looking at it, it's great he's still here, and he doesn't have any major health problems. He still drives well and is very active. Makes a few trips to Vegas a year. Damn, dude might be balling harder than I am. lol

Looking at my son, who is in the 11th grade, if I abruptly passes away, I think he'd be a mess. Like, it would screw up his world. That doesn't mean that my relationship with him is tighter than my relationship with my father. It's just at a different stage. I'm extremely involved in my son's life, and there are a few things that could really fall apart if I was all of a sudden out of the picture. 50 years from now, it would be a different story. He'd be sad, but I'm sure he'd be able to keep it pushing.

He plays football. If I abruptly passes away I'd hope he'd still play in the game, and play great.
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