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I would go with most experienced at this stage. I still feel like the Packers and 49ers are better.

I know they destroyed SF earlier this year but I think the 49ers are deeper and better and will show up if they meet when it matters. Packers can also be way too explosive for the Giants.

The Giants still value the trenches play which is why they have been owning the NFC east. I think that's where they are good. Good offensive line and a defensive line that scares Tom Brady ****less.

BUT, I mean the redskins are average and are crap without RGIII and they still had them dead in the 1st meeting before that inexcusable bite by Madieu Williams. That's the thing IMO, the Giants don't scare anyone and it's reflected in their record recently. A lot of 9-7, 8-8 type seasons. I will, however, give them credit for their performance in big games and pressure situations.
The Giants killed the 49ers earlier and right now they are putting a clinic on the Packers. No one will want to face them in the playoffs,
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