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Originally Posted by montrose View Post
It's easy for us to call him 4th string and assume it means each of those other RBs is "better" than him as a RB in the coaches eyes. However, determining a final 46 for gameday is a tough choice for the coaches and so beyond the 22 starters - they have to account for special teams.

If this were college and everyone could dress, Knowshon would've been playing over Ball and even Hillman in some instances but with the roster limitations it was more valuable to have Ball active because he's on every special teams unit while Hillman's speed provided a nice chance of pace to McGahee. Another example is WR, where Bubba Caldwell is usually inactive - but the games he is active he plays over Matt Willis. Its just that Willis is a better special teams guy.

Hence, Knowshon goes from inactive to starter in one week.
Maybe, but the best players make plays. He's not a specialty player, at least that's not what he's supposed to be. He should be a #1 back by now. The fact that he isn't is not due to a numbers crunch.
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