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Lamin Barrow

Originally Posted by orinjkrush View Post
I'd grade Knowsho a B+ for the game (compared to his usual C-). Am really glad for him and for us 'cause we NEED him to play at this level through the playoffs. Go Knowsho!

I think the Oline was a B- today, Peyton was feeling lotsa pressure.
I'd give Peyton an A for his dealing with the pressure, but a brain fart or two.
I think the WRs were B today, coupla drops but made some big catches (awesome TD).

I think the DL was a C today, not the pressure I expected.
I think the LBs were a C+...lotsa runs past Doom and Von.
And the DBs were a solid A, great coverage and good run support.
ST was a C+, with Prater's misses but good PR performance (thank goodness on Leonard)
The Leonhard play looked an awful lot like fair catch interference to me. The Chief's gunner's foot was like six inches from Leonhard before he even bobbled the ball.
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