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Ben Garland

I'd grade Knowsho a B+ for the game (compared to his usual C-). Am really glad for him and for us 'cause we NEED him to play at this level through the playoffs. Go Knowsho!

I think the Oline was a B- today, Peyton was feeling lotsa pressure.
I'd give Peyton an A for his dealing with the pressure, but a brain fart or two.
I think the WRs were B today, coupla drops but made some big catches (awesome TD).

I think the DL was a C today, not the pressure I expected.
I think the LBs were a C+...lotsa runs past Doom and Von.
And the DBs were a solid A, great coverage and good run support.
ST was a C+, with Prater's misses but good PR performance (thank goodness on Leonard)
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