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I thought Moreno ran hard today against a surprisingly motivated Chef defense. He's earned the right to start next week, but I don't see the big-time talent whose only limitations are that he is hampered by injuries narrative that some of you guys are spinning.

KM doesn't really have the 2nd gear and explosiveness that an elite back his size should have. He doesn't have the great feet that you want in an every down back. Willis is 30 pounds heaver, significantly older and running with a no cartilage knee and he is still more sudden and quick in space.

KM showed decent vision today, which is encouraging. He's better than Ball, and he finished the game strong, but I don't think this was a coming out party or anything. We're really going to struggle running the ball consistently against decent teams with KM, Ball, or Hillman.
Pretty good take. Moreno is almost certainly never going to live up to 1st round status. I think that ship has sailed. But he's still better than Hillman and Ball, so I'm glad we have him on the roster right now. This offense doesn't really need elite RB play, just competent RB play.
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