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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
He's a system QB. He's going to struggle moving to the pros and adapting to a pro style offense. This is assuming you guys even have a coaching staff that will know how to develop him.

And honestly, you guys missed the boat on the good QB's. That was last draft class. It's usually three or four years before you see another class close to last one. You picked the wrong year to suck.
I agree. I typical Hunt fashion, he's surrounded himself with more people who think "free cash to the owner" first, then some football if there's any time left. Oh, and some wh0res for the jet for the ride to Fiji.

I think our biggest problem is our owner. He's the worst owner in all of sport. He will hold this team back for many years to come IMO. Look how long it's taken him to fire Pioli!!! We're an easy win for you folks twice a year now! Your owner must love Hunt, and having him in your division is a bigger bonus. The truth is, even if he reads this, gets mad, and decides to change it all, he's too stupid to fix it. He's just not a smart boy at all. King of the Daddy-boy circle... Good to be you guys I suppose!
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