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Originally Posted by snowspot66 View Post
Anybody who expected us to blow out the Chiefs is forgetting their Broncos history. Now, we will blow them out in week 17 but we never get a big win in Arrowhead.
You're right about week 17.. Thank you, if we stay on track, we'll need that loss too - for the greater good. As for the Arrowhead magic, it's gone! Pioli has, amongst other things, killed the stadium too. His love of ca-hole and the Patriot way (that wasn't much him) has torn the heart out of this franchise. And our owner is the worst in all of sports. He's a silver-spoon trust fund baby, and he's not either football smart or very smart in life either. Him owning this team will benefit our opponents for years to come.

Good luck in the playoffs guys, I wish you luck and God's speed.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday season. Go have some fun in the snow!
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