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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by ohiobronco2 View Post
You have to admit though, those were amongst the most talented college football teams of all time.
They were very talented. Not as talented as the 2001 championship team (Reed, McKinnie, Gonzalez were big losses, esp the latter two as the 02 OL was significantly worse than the 01 OL at offensive tackle...01 OL was the best pass blocking OL I have seen in college ball). The 2001 title team was the most talented team in CFB history, IMO. I'm not saying they are the best team in CFB history, I would give 95 Nebraska that honor, but 01 Miami would be in the Top 3 all time and the most talented all time.

The 02 team frustrated me all year. They had like 5 first rounders in the front seven and yet they ranked somewhere in the 60s nationally vs. the run (ironically, they actually played well vs. the run against OSU). They had to mount a furious comeback at home against a mediocre FSU team. Rutgers (not hte current Rutgers, the awful Rutgers) played them to a dead heat through 3 quarters until they finally broke it open in the 4th. They gave up 45 points to VT.
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