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Elway is the new Jerry West

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Derek Wolfe

Shanahan is in DC for as long as he wants, he has given them the best player in the league and a chance at a playoff run every year RG3 is healthy.

The people who doubt Shanahan are hilarious. Dude gave the 'loser' Elway back to back championships, got a home AFCCG with Crap Plummer at QB, then had the best young offense in the league coming together when he was fired.

Elway, Young, Cutler, now RG3. Guy knows what he is doing. lots of coaches look good or bad based on how good their QB is. It's no accident that Belichick looked like a failure right up until he was handed a Parcells drafted team and a future HOF QB in Brady. Remember when Mike Holmgren was the best coach in the league?
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