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Originally Posted by baja View Post
John Elway must be voted NFL executive of 2012 by acclimation.
Yet, astonishingly, two years ago this week, influential voices inside and outside the franchise believed owner Pat Bowlen would be making a monumental mistake to bring back the most heralded player in team history.
They considered it a desperate act of foolishness and failure.
Instead, with Elway as the dynamic executive vice president of football operations (and de facto general manager), the Broncos will win back-to-back AFC West titles for the first time since 1986 and 1987 (and only the second time ever). And they have a chance at a seventh Super Bowl (five with Elway at quarterback).
The Broncos will win their eighth game Sunday, 31-13.
Elway has returned a farcical franchise to the proud place it held from 1977-98.
Before writing a column in late November 2010, demanding that the Broncos create the position exec VP, football operations, and hire the exiled Elway, I asked several influential executives with the Broncos and other NFL teams, and in the Denver sports community, what they thought.
The response was unanimously negative.

Read more: Paige: Broncos' John Elway should be NFL's executive of the year - The Denver Post
Read The Denver Post's Terms of Use of its content:
oh woody, you are soooo smart! I notice you never mentioned all the times you've been horrendously wrong.

Elway being the VP of Football operations was not thought up by you. Fact is, Elway has wanted a front office position with the Broncos for a long time and it was Shanahan who basically stonewalled Elway. But once the McFail crapfest was over, Elway was the most natural selection to run the Broncos front office. Elway has a great relationship with Bowlen and Elway also has ownership experience.

you're not that smart woody, sorry.
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