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That's what I see from as well, that he is not patient enough to work the seems. Just like most young RB's, they are so anxious to get yards, they either run into their own linemen or want to bounce it to the outside. This is one thing I really thought McGahee did well. He found those seems, doesn't stop his feet/legs to wait on holes, he controls his speed and when that seem is there it's much easier to accelerate into it if you have your body momentum going forward, even if it's slower. Young RB's want to stop and start again when the finally see a seem or hole and even though sometimes they are faster, they don't get through those seems in time because they've started, stopped and started again. Defensive players in the NFL will be all over your arse if you do that.
I don't see it. He does not look that fast to me. I think his 40 time is much faster than his actual football speed. I think Moreno is the better back right now at least until Hillman gets more experience.
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