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Watermock - RIP

Originally Posted by Bacchus View Post
I thought that was funny too, instead of just riding it out or stopping it he jumps!! He would have made a terrible kamikazee. You know the guy that caught the cart is the guy who let it go in the first place. He was trying to save his job!!
I went back and edited my post though. After watching this over and over again I noticed a few things.

First he is incredibly lucky as he got kind of just scooped into it and wasn't just blasted like a few other guys.

Second, watch him as he is ghost riding his whip. He actually is steering it and aiming it away from others.

Third he takes a look back and sees that he has backup and doesn't have to try and heft himself up or ride it out into more pain when it hits a wall. Only then does he bail.

Fourth the bail is awesome, he just gets his top shoulder over and lets gravity and physics work their magic.

I think this is the number one ranked gif!
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