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Originally Posted by theAPAOps5 View Post
They had no choice on who to cut. Because of his tenure they had to either sign him to fill the empty RB position or cut him from the PS. They chose to cut him. Pretty ballsy since he is better than Knowshow and fumBall
JJ - This. The Broncos only have 52 players on their roster right now. If they were to move JJ to the roster, he would lose his remaining PS eligibility. Due to NFL rules, they would be forced to move him to the roster this week to fill the roster space (because he has the most seniority on the PS).

Knowshon - Not only is Knowshon too slow to run around the edge, he is too light to pick up good yardage between the tackles. Not only that, but he is injury prone (injured groin Thursday), and has no vision. That being said, I hope he is the next coming of Herschel Walker, because we need him now like no other. It's make it or break it time...he's due $3.5M in 2013, and they won't keep him unless he makes a BIG impact on the rest of the 2012 season. He pretty much has to become the go-to guy, or it's sayonara

Ball - Had a nice run over the right side against the Chargers...and a fumble. All we need is consistency.

Hillman - The dude has the speed, and is fearless. I hope he develops better vision in between the tackles.. He keeps leaving yards on the field by cutting into would be tacklers instead of running through the hole.
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