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What passes exactly did he make that Alex Smith can't make? Are you honestly claiming that a guy who is averaging 8 yards per pass only ever throws check downs?
I've watched every SF game the last 2 years. It would be wise to do the same before making these statements. What better way to see if your logic is right than to post it on SF fan forums? I guarantee it would get shot down. Smith simply cannot make the downfield throws and that SF fanbase knows it.

A QB throws a screen and they run it 80 yards. How's his yards per going to look?

Last year Alex averaged 2.8 pass attempts per game of 20 or more yards. Hardly throwing downfield.

This year started out no different. Watching the first 3 games, he had 92 pass attempts. Only 4 of them traveled more than 20 yards. It's simply not true that he throws downfield.

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