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David Bruton

Originally Posted by Drunken.Broncoholic View Post
I don't think it's as relavent as the 80s 90s. SB winner was ranked dead last In Rushing while 1st ranked got blown out of the playoffs. It's a QB passing league now with the way the rules have manipulated the game. Smart teams with good QBs take advantage of this. Games are won through the air these days.
Kinda strange that a receiving, blocking back like Moreno isn't shining in today's NFL.

There are things to like about Moreno... he does have a slow first step, and that it why he hasn't clicked at the NFL level yet, but I like how he always seems to get yards after the first hit, even at 205. Plus last season before the injury, he seemed to kill the screen passes every time he got an opportunity.

Remember, the dude was a consensus top 15 pick...

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