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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
This has nothing to do with needing the best RB in the NFL as our back up RB. This has everything to do with us needing a better back up RB then Ball. It's too late to find one now clearly, though I do feel that had Slaton had a full off season with us he would be better then Ball.

Soooooo, you're basically leveling the criticism at the front office for not having a better back up plan? The same front office who had the foresight to sign how many FA additions that are making significant contributions and have improved this team at virtually every position group substantially in just 2 years? Gotcha! Whatever.......
Yes dumbass so the FO can't be held accountable for not getting a better backup RB because they did so many other amazing things? I always thought you gave credit when to what they did do right and criticized the bad. I love the FO and most of the moves they made since being here, that doesn't mean I will jerk them off in the mens room for Ball being on the roster because they landed Manning.

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