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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
This has nothing to do with needing the best RB in the NFL as our back up RB. This has everything to do with us needing a better back up RB then Ball. It's too late to find one now clearly, though I do feel that had Slaton had a full off season with us he would be better then Ball.

Again just because Ball is the "best" we have now doesn't mean he is the best we could have done.


nobody is arguing Ball is better than anyone save for perhaps Jeremiah Johnson who was on our practice squad. But the coaching staff and FO, who have proven that they actually DO know what the **** they're doing (contrary to the numerous wannabe coaches and GM's on this very site) kept McGahee, Moreno, and Ball, and drafted Hillman.....

they felt confident that those guys would produce a decent enough rushing attack to make Manning's offense work at a high level. and you cannot discount their ability to protect the QB in passing situations.....

We might run roughshod over the Chiefs or we may end up with egg on our face because we didn't pursue the Steve Slaton's of the world...who knows? I'll say let's see who plays and how well they do this upcoming game first before we start pushing the panic button?

Now if they **** the bed, then yeah maybe we need to look elsewhere and potentially upgrade the RB position. I think we're going to be pleasantly surprised by how well Hillman, Moreno, and Ball perform, especially catching some dump offs by Manning (just one man's opinion)
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