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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
The coach in Detroit needs to be fired. He made them into low class players who taunt and try to injure beyond what is considered good hard nosed football. Suh is a thug and really needs a mentor on the field, as well as the coaching side of it.

It's fun to try and take people heads off but his cheap ass kicking stomping eye gouging ball grabbing BS is one day going to get one of his star players targeted. You should be able to respect people you play with more then this BS.

The coach in Detroit should be fired IMO. He's brought them as far as they can go. They have too much talent to play and behave like this. Number one passing offense, or close to it, some good front 7 defenders, etc etc.
Agree. If there is such a thing as a thug coach, Schwartz is at the top of the list. Like Suh has turned out to be. Starts at the top.
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