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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Yes he did fumble...every RB we've trotted out there has fumbled...Peyton has fumbled as well....

Look, I would love to have Adrian Peterson but we don't...and we can piss and moan about woulda shoulda coulda, but the bottom line is we have Ball, and Moreno and Hillman....which is who we're gonna have to hope perform well enough because I doubt the Vikings are gonna release AD
This has nothing to do with needing the best RB in the NFL as our back up RB. This has everything to do with us needing a better back up RB then Ball. It's too late to find one now clearly, though I do feel that had Slaton had a full off season with us he would be better then Ball.

Again just because Ball is the "best" we have now doesn't mean he is the best we could have done.
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