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Originally Posted by errand View Post
In fairness to Ball, he had 35 yards on 6 carries with a longest of 14 (5.8 ypa) in our last game, and his only extended amount of work the past few weeks.

And on 1st down with 10 yards to go, he's actually done quite well...12-63-5.7ypa

and for those worried he can't run between the tackles...his numbers say otherwise 15-62 for a 4.1 ypa.

By contrast Hillman on 1st and 10 has 31-154 (5.0 ypa.) but has struggled between the tackles with 43 yards on 17 attempts (2.5 ypa)

Granted they're not McGahee, but they've shown something to the coaching staff that makes them have confidence in their ability to help this team make plays in the run game..
Ball touched the ball 9 times last game and fumbled once. When the game was on the line they gave the ball to Hillman to run the clock out pounding in between the tackles.
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