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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
No fan base would put up the the crap that the Chiefs have done throughout the Pioli era.
I would blame Hot Carl before I would blame Pioli.

Carl unloaded Allen, drafted Bowe, decided to start what I believe was a league record of rookies in Herms last year, thought starting Brody "Winless Wonder" Croyle was acceptable, ETC...

You guys got lucky in 2009 but this has been brewing for 43 years. Most fanbases would have started complaining before the turn of the century.

No one complained about the Romeo hire before the year, hell there were plenty of people that picked kFc to win the division this year and some that had them winning the SB. This thread was started in April, we knew all along that your team was hot trash. Just didn't expect it to be "Unknown Comic" type bad.
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