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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
That's not why it's risky. It's risky because Alex Smith has been doing exactly what a team like that needs: providing efficient, mistake-free quarterbacking to support the run game and defense. Kaepernick is almost certainly not going to provide that kind of reliability. He may make more plays (we shall see), but he will almost certainly make more mistakes as well. And ultimately, this may poison the well for any return to Smith in the future. Maybe it'll work out, but when you are playing as well as the 49ers are, this kind of risk makes no sense.
Yeah, I see that. It's gonna be interesting to see how it plays out. I don't know if it's a good move or not. I was hoping Denver would grab Kaepernick at #36 but they traded the pick to SF, so I have a biased view about the whole thing. My interest is in how Kaepernick does vs. The Dream and Quinton Carter.
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