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Originally Posted by Agamemnon View Post
You do understand that I was speaking in terms of per pass stats right? The guy has thrown the ball roughly 60% as much as Manning so of course his season totals don't compare. And I already said I don't know if he could maintain that if he threw more (I tend to think not, but no one really knows). My whole point is that for the number of times per game he's been allowed to throw he's been quite good. To dispute what I'm saying is just stupid. So of course OM posters jump at the chance to do so (with you leading the charge of stupidity as usual).
You know God damn well that most all of your football takes are deplorable. Everyone on the OM knows that as well, which is why you are often the subject of ridicule. Alex Smith has had an abortion of a career in the NFL. Any QB worth a damn would be putting up better numbers with the kind of game he has going for him on the ground and in the trenches.

As Lolcopter explained, the running game in Frisco has really opened up things for him. Kaepernick as a second-year player is just as capable of doing what Smith does and he has been in the league since he was ~ 21 years old. He is a threat on the ground and has the ability to hit their best receiver (Vernon Davis) wherever he goes on the field. The team is confident enough with the dynamics of the situation (aforementioned and a solid defense) to roll with him going forward.

Anybody with a brain in their head knew that when he was drafted, the Alex Smith days as a 49er were nearing their end. Quite unfortunate that it took a brain scrambling for that to come, but 49ers fans can be thankful that the near decade long nightmare that was a Smith led team is over. Just like all of us are thankful that Tim Tebow (your savior) is warming up the bench on the Jets.

You were saying?
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