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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I don't have a problem with this. However the majority clearly does. The majority also has yet to explain why. Harbaugh was a QB, so don't tell me he doesn't understand the weight of the decision. When your QB destroys the best defense in the league on national TV, how to go back to the guy who was there before you arrived and you have no vested interest in? Someone please tell me why this was a bad decision.
It's the same issue as when Shanahan started Griese over Brister or Cutler over Plummer when the team was 7 and 3.

1. It divides the locker room

2. It destroys the confidence of the guy benched

3. Team is on a playoff run and is winning why fix what isn't broken

4. Most importantly why make a big deal out of it and name the new guy your starter to the press? All he had to do was say is he was concerned about the long term health of Smith and did not want to rush him back. Everyone would except that and he'd get mad respect for it and if the new guy tore it up on the field he could squeeze another week out of the situation, going forward he could say he was playing the best player. Easy, he gets a risk free change

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