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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by Boltjolt View Post
What? Arguably the worst OL in the league, worst HC, a RB who doesnt play most downs when he should, especially in crunch time(again, HC) WR's that havent been very good. Meachum and Royal have stunk this year and are getting outplayed badly buy a guy they got off the street who had no TC with them. Meachum has been a big disapointment.

Norv Turner is the biggest problem as Rodney Harrison pointed out rather forcefully the other day. Cant wait till he gets fired and if we have to lose every game the rest of the year to make it happen...ill all for it.
I've watch enough chargers games this year to see that...the team has plenty of talent. The defense is plenty solid, the running game is better than average...regardless of whether Mathews is in there or not, and they have good enough receivers to get the job done. Not to mention a HOF TE. Phillip Rivers has been absolutely pathetic. Some of the throws he's made are Tebowesk! How many picks has he thrown Looks like another 20+ int year...that's 2 in a row. Say what you want...but, he's regressed big time!
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