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Peyton Manning

Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
Why is Luck considered elite by so many? He has as many INTs as TDs (12) a below 60% completion rate, 8 fumbles and a passer rating of 77. He has shown flashes but right now is not a top 10 QB. Schaub and Stafford are top 10 and should be listed ahead of Luck, Freeman and RGIII.
Luck, RG III, and Freeman have the upside of being great. The guys that I listed on the fringe...are very good QB's, but not great.....they are not going to win Super Bowls for their teams. If they get a will be because of the rest of the team. Go ahead and try to make an argument that Schaub is a franchise QB....good luck! Take a way Johson, and Foster.........DONE. Plug PM in with any of the AFC West teams and they would be a playoff team. Luck has the potential....these others guys have already shown who they are.
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