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I still believe the Chiefs are a talented team, player wise. But a bad headcoach can be very destructive; just look at how the 49ers turned around with Harbaugh after the Singletary debacle. And everybody knows it's difficult to get anywhere with a mediocre QB (see: Browns who are also a talented team, IMO). It wouldn't surprise me to see the Chiefs make some HC/QB changes this coming offseason and be a AFCW title contender next year.

The Chargers just look like they're imploding, though. I hope they keep Norv Turner, but they probably won't. Not now.
In today's NFL your roster needs to be absolutely loaded when you have QB's like Cassel and Quinn. The Chiefs roster has some talent here and there, but they are miles from being loaded.

And really, until Manning retires none of the other AFC West teams have much of a chance of really contending for the division.
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