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What's happening at Arrowhead, is not good for the AFC West or the NFL as a whole. It might be good for the Broncos on a short term basis, but in the long-term both fan bases basically lose the rivalry

My disdain for the "Patriots Way," far surpasses my dislike of the Chiefs. This entire thought process that you can replicate what happened in New England, that the Patriots system was as big of a reason as Tom ****ing Brady, has to be the stupidest conclusion NFL Team execs have fallen prey too.

I hope Pioli gets fired and has to crawl back to New England
The AFC West was clearly at its peak in the 90's. Divisional games were fantastic back then. Seau, DT, Elway.

The Chargers, Chiefs and Broncos were at their peaks as a franchise and the Raiders sucked. Those were the days.
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