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I think all of these so called analysts are no more experts than we are. I love that they are now chuckling about the Chiefs and saying that they lack the depth to compete. Same crap they were saying about the Broncos.

You know what the differnce is? Peyton Manning. Sure we have some great talent: Von, Doom, Champ, Thomas etc. But, the Chiefs have some great players too.

To me, the bottom line is this: You have to have a top-10 QB to compete in this league. Teams that do....make the playoffs....teams that don't draft high until they find one. How's that for analysis? Pretty easy stuff!

In my opinion....the Chiefs should have kept Orton....and drafted a young guy in last years draft. That would have been thier best shot. Orton is better than both Cassel and Quinn...and could have been servicable with the talent they do have on that football team.

And for Rivers, and Palmer...those guys are not top-10 caliber guys....not right now anyway...and it's not because of the talent around them. Both guys have plenty of play makers in my opinion.

My top 10:


On the fringe:
Flaco, Schaub, Romo, Cutler, Newton, Stafford, Rivers

**The Ravens and Texans are the only teams that contradict my opnion. I believe both Flaco and Schaub are above average, but not special. Each of the guys I have on the Fringe could move up depending on more experience or fewer mistakes...but, I think they are who they are. I think my top 7 guys would instantly make most teams better. RG III, Luck, and Freeman all have what it takes to be in that same category within the next few years.
You're just reverse engineering your QB ratings from team success.

The Jets have been to two AFC Ch games with Sanchez at QB. Yeah, we all know that the league has tailored its game to favor the passing game through several iterations of rule changes that makes the game barely recognizable to what it was 15 years ago. And it definitely helps to have a good QB. But perhaps the more glaring reality is that you can't have poor QB play. If you have everything else plus competent (not elite) QB play, you can still win. Houston continued winning last year with a rookie 3rd stringer...and even won a playoff game with Yates. Yates isn't elite. Actually, neither is Schaub.
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