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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
The Patriots disagree.
Fine with me, I would just rather watch good football.

I dont feel sorry for KC, the fact that they suck is their problem. But given the chance, I would rather watch a well played game that the Broncos win than a poorly played blowout.

One of my favorite games in College football was the OSU/Michigan game when they were 1 and 2. Im an OSU fan. Big game, big win, more hurt for Michigan. Good stuff.

Originally Posted by baja View Post
I hear KC's Ownership will pay you to go to the game if you promise to wear red.
Fat chance... plus I would be the only red jersey in the place. Guess I could pack in my Broncos gear and chuck the red stuff in the trash as soon as I was in the stadium. They would never find me, most of the Stadium will probably be orange. It may be like the Nebraska/Northwestern Game - when the Nebraska fans took over Northwesterns stadium. Guess it really p*ssed them off too...

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